Mozambique Laguna Beach

Finding the right hotel that will cater for all your needs might prove to be quite a daunting task for one especially if they are not aware of where to search for. That is why the Mozambique Laguna beach is offering to take care of all your needs.

Mozambique Laguna Beach

Foods and services offered

The Mozambique Laguna Beach that is located in California on the highway to the coast of south Laguna Beach is the best place for one to visit for great services. It is offering great food that comes with the best services for foods ranging from breakfast, lunch to also supper. It has become a popular joint for steak and peri-peri prawns. Customers will love the steaks that are offered there with other local types of local Mozambique dishes. It also offers other exotic dishes like chicken, sea food and other different types of cuisines

Drinks and beverages

At the Mozambique Laguna Beach there are lots of different drinks and beverages that are offered ranging from beer, wines, and spirits and fruit juices. They have a bar and lounge that is located on the Far East side that levelers can get to relax as they enjoy their drinks. It is a welcome place for all people from adults, teens as well as children. For the children they have a kid’s corner that they can get to play and have fun as the adults gets to enjoy themselves too.

Parking and valet services

Since it’s located right off PCH one can’t miss it nor is there any traffic to it. It has a huge parking space so one doesn’t have to worry where they will park their cars. It also comes with valets who are great and attentive and help you to park your car appropriately without denting the cars. The parking is also free for the levelers even they are sleeping over or partying the whole night.

Music and entertainment

Mozambique Laguna Beach in addition also offers the best music and entertainment that one can possibly get. The music is appropriately selected to fit all the classes of people in attendance except during special occasions or during nights like the Karaoke nights, African night or reggae nights.

Wedding reception

They also offer wedding reception to couples who wish to tie their knot at the Mozambique Laguna Beach. They have a large botanical garden that is beautifully decorated with lots of plants and plants that leave such a breath taking scene. One also gets a special discount on the foods that will order for the wedding ceremony.


The foods prices are quite affordable. They offer bigger servings of food that make it worth while as the foods come with delicious appetizers. One can also order  take away foods that will be delivered to your door at no extra charge. The wines are of the best selection and even though they are pricey one will sure enjoy it.

In conclusion, the Mozambique Laguna Beach is the best place for one to visit for cheap food that comes with great service and very friendly staff.


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